When the kids were little, most summers Mireille would pack the three up in whatever car we had at the time and drive them three days to visit her family in Quebec. Since it was a three-day trip there and another three days back, she always made it worth it and stayed for a month or two.


I was selling cars most of the time the kids were small, and summer is a busy time of year. I would often work all day, open to close, while Mireille and the kids were gone. Mostly because there wasn’t much to do at home, but also because I was not that great at selling cars and had to work a lot to make enough money for us.
It was always kind of fun at first. I could watch what I wanted on the TV (Die Hard marathons and Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” were always on tap). Sundays I had off because you can’t sell cars on Sunday in Oklahoma. On these days I would do some yard work, maybe meet with friends, but mostly read and watch movies.
In the summer of 1994, I was working at a well regarded used car dealership in Bethany, and I was having a pretty good time. Mireille and the kids were gone, and two big action movies had come out that I wanted to see. One was “Speed” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The other was “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

speed_true lies

All I knew about either of these movies was that I wanted to see both of them. I went to see “Speed” first, and it blew me away. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the thrill ride they took you on. Not long after, maybe just a day or two, I went to see “True Lies” and could not believe it. The movie had everything the other did, and was so much better in every way in my mind that I was happy I had seen “Speed” first!

By watching them in the order I did, I got to enjoy both movies. Had I watched “Speed” after “True Lies” I would have seen “Speed” as a massive let down. It was a good movie, just not anywhere near as good as “True Lies.” Both movies had action, suspense, humor, tension, and a great climax. It was just that “True Lies” had a lot more of all of that (and Jamie Lee Curtis to boot).


We are currently in a very nice RV park in Tucson called Rincon West. The place is well tended and clean. It has good hookups, friendly people, beautiful views, and Tucson is an interesting town with lots of nearby points of interest. We came here from Mesa Arizona and a park called Mesa Regal. While Rincon West is a lovely park, what we have done to ourselves is effectively watch “Speed” after “True Lies.”

Diana, Linda, Susan, Brian, and Craig

Now the weather has not been great, and that might contribute to this place seeming to be less “active” than Mesa Regal where we were before. It may also be that this is the first time we have stayed back to back in two RV parks that were so similar to each other. Whatever it is, we can’t let it get us down. We do have some friends here that we do things with, and that makes it better. Mireille is always saying we are not going to complain, and I am not.
We cannot control what the “next park” is going to be like in comparison to any others at which we have stayed. We do our research, see what other people say, look at reviews and so on. But at the end of the day whether we enjoy the place or not is entirely up to us.


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